• Preview: Tuesday, May 28th from 11am – 1pm at 807 Ransom Rd., Lancaster, NY 14086
  • Auction Ends: Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 6:00 PM (soft close).
  • How To Register And Create Your Bidding Account: Watch this 3-minute video showing how to create your bidding profile. Click here:
  • Before You Bid: Pay close attention to the instructions for pick-up date, shipping, and location for pick-up. These details change from auction to auction and we do not want our customers to pay additional fees for failure to follow directions. Due to the cost of running a business, there are fees for late payment, alternate pick up, and handling items for shipping. Make sure your credit/debit information is correct and up to date- it will automatically be charged if you bid successfully.
  • Bidding Process: Bidders can register and bid anytime between the auction start and close dates. At the closing time, items will begin closing out at the rate published (usually between 4 and 6 items per minute.) Any bidding activity in the last minute of a lot will increase the bid time by 2 more minutes. It will not increase the bid time for other lots.
  • To Bid: Click the “Bid” button or the plus sign (+) found next to the item you want to bid on. A screen will pop up that shows the next increment you must bid to be entered in the bidding. For items that show “X” and a number, your bid will be multiplied by that number.
  • Max Bid: You can leave a “max bid” on any item, meaning the computer will bid for you up to the maximum amount you entered. You may win the item for less than your maximum if other bidders stop bidding at an amount less than your maximum. If someone else has left a larger Max Bid, it is possible to be outbid immediately.
  • Soft close: The auction will begin closing at 6 pm at a rate of 4 lots per minute. Any bidding activity in the last minute of a lot will increase the bid time by 2 more minutes. It will not increase the bid time for other lots.
  • Refresh Your Screen: Refresh your screens as often as possible to try to eliminate any internet or hardware delays when the auction closes.
  • Fees Added To Your Bid: We add sales tax and buyer’s premium to your bid.
  • Payment: If your bid is successful at the close of the auction, your credit/debit card will automatically be charged.  All card payments will be charged to the credit/debit card you put on file when you register for this auction. Please make sure that your credit card information is up to date and your account can cover your charges. We do not take card information over the phone because of the increased risk of fraudulent activity. Any changes to your card information must be made before you register or bid. 
  • How You Will Know If You Won: We will send you an email with your receipt.  Your receipt will be needed at the pick-up location for your reference, to make sure you received all of your lots. If you believe you are a successful bidder and you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder first before calling our office at 585-343-4529.
  • How to Schedule Your Pick-Up:   After the auction has completely closed and all receipts are emailed to customers, you will receive a separate text/email from Shipping Saint where you can choose between picking up and shipping.  (We only ship lots with the “Shipping Available” or blue truck icon in the lot description.)  Choose the option you want and follow the directions for either making an appointment to pick up or confirming your shipping information and instructions.  You must choose one or the other.  You will see the pick-up location after you make your appointment.
  • When & Where Is Pick Up? Merchandise pick up is by appointment only on Friday, May 31st, from 9 am – 3 pm and Tuesday, June 4th, from 9 am – 3 pm in Lancaster, NY. There is a fee for any alternative pick-up. Any other pick-up arrangements are subject to the availability of our staff.
  • Loading Large Purchases: Bring your own loading help for any lots that are to be hand-loaded.  If Bontrager staff provide hand loading, there is a fee of $10 per staff person.
  • Skid Loader will be present for lots that cannot be hand-loaded- at no additional cost.
  • What If You Cannot Make The Pick-Up Date?  Please make every effort to pick up on the designated date.  It is fine to send a friend, employee, or family member to pick up for you (except for firearms or ammunition). We regret that we must charge a minimum of $40 per man hour, prorated based on size/volume/time, to deal with items that are not picked up during the scheduled pick-up hours. Individuals requiring that their lots be “left out” or moved for early, late, or alternate pickup, will be charged, even if you notify us beforehand. We do not move items from one auction dispersal location to another auction dispersal location. The fee recoups our staff time, fuel, and storage.  
  • Do We Ship? Shipping is available on select items only. We do not automatically ship every lot. Lots are clearly marked “shipping available” or “no shipping”. After the auction has closed, successful bidders will receive a text/email (separate from the emailed receipt) asking whether they want to pick up lots or have them shipped. Click the “Ship” option and follow instructions. We ship only to the US and Canada. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We are unable to overnight express packages. Ammunition is shipped only to Federal Firearms Licensees. Firearms are shipped only to Federal Firearms Licensees. Most packaging and shipping will take place in-house, but items we deem as fragile (glass, lamps, etc.) will be taken to UPS for professional packaging at buyer’s expense. Buyer pays shipping, insurance, signature confirmation and handling fee- these fees are not negotiable. (Handling fees depend on materials/time required). We do not provide shipping estimates before the close of the auction. Bidders who deem shipping too expensive and then abandon their purchase are still responsible for payment. If we agree to ship an item that was described as “no shipping”, Bontrager Auction Service will not be responsible for any packing or shipping damage and will not file an insurance claim or refund on behalf of the customer. If we agree to take lots to UPS for professional packaging, there is a $20 charge for transporting. There is a $50 charge to retrieve lots from UPS if the buyer decides their shipping cost to be too expensive. 
  • Tax Exempt Policy: Make sure your tax-exempt information is complete, up to date, and on file with the auction company even if you’ve bid with us before. Do not assume that it is on file- the responsibility is with the buyer to ensure forms are on file and correct.  Forms can be scanned to [email protected], or faxed to 585-343-4530. Do not text or email pictures of forms because they don’t print out clearly. THE NAME AND ADDRESS YOU PROVIDE IN THE TOP SECTION MUST EXACTLY MATCH THE DBA ON FILE WITH THE STATE OR THE TAXATION DEPT. WILL CONSIDER IT AN INVALID FORM AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED SALES TAX. Only tax-exempt information submitted BEFORE 5 pm on the night the auction closes will be eligible for reimbursement of sales tax for this auction. There is a $5 processing fee for tax forms submitted after the deadline and a refund is requested. Forms must be signed by the authorized person as well as the actual purchaser who is bidding in the auction. Use the links below for New York State Resale Certificate and Farm Exempt forms (other forms can be found on the NY State Taxation website-
    NYS ST-125 Farmer’s and Commercial Horse Boarding Operation:
    NYS ST-120 Resale Certificate:
  • Special Weather/Emergency Statement: If there is a storm or other emergency that prevents the pick-up from taking place, we will contact successful bidders by email. Otherwise, plan on the pick-up happening as planned.
  • Think You Won But Didn’t Get An Email? If you win a bid, we will send you an email after the auction with important information including your receipt and pick-up appointment info.. Make sure it doesn’t get lost in your Spam or Junk by adding us to your email Contact List.