Shipping Instructions

Shipping Preference Form

  • Our Shipping Practices & Charges: Our handling/packing fees are based on the materials and labor that we supply. We've found that we charge less and care more than the local professional packing facilities. Your charges are affected by the following:
    • The time it takes to pack.
    • The materials needed to pack.
    • Whether transportation is needed to move items to our auction facility or packing site. (We always post this information in the "Shipping" section of our auctions.)
    • Size, weight, value of the item, and the distance it has to travel.
    • We require signature confirmation.
    • Note: Our auction software is used to determine the best shipping price because it allows us to compare prices and provide a discount. If the credit/debit card you have on file with isn't working, we are unable to do that and you'll be charged a higher rate.
    • We don't automatically ship everything. It is necessary to confirm that we will ship items prior to the close of the auction.
  • Note: Please do not request changes in our shipping policies noted above.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.