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Bontrager Real Estate and Auction Service can provide the

powerful service of fast, lucrative, asset liquidation.


Searching for an efficient method of liquidating your own or a loved one’s assets or real estate? Whether you have just a few items, a business with property, an entire estate, or inventory that needs to be liquidated, Bontrager’s is ready do what we can to help you quickly and efficiently! And we’ve been around for 80 years, so we have plenty of experience to get the job done right. Below we’ve listed some of our common merchandise auction formats:

Weekly Auctions: Bontrager Auction hosts an auction every Wednesday starting at 4:30 pm consisting of customer consignments, estate liquidations, private collections and more.  Typically we sell  hundreds of lots of antiques and collectibles, household items, furniture, box lots,  jewelry and coins. Many times we sell vehicles at our Wednesday sale as well.  There is limited floor space in our weekly sale, so we ask that you please call us at 585-343-4529 to schedule a time to drop off your items for these sales. Depending on the time of year, there will likely be a wait of approximately four to six weeks.

On-Site Auctions:
At times when it is impractical to move items bac2 (2)k to our auction center, we may schedule an On-Site Auction. On-Site Auctions are an exciting and fast paced way of liquidating your items right where they are.  Our crew will come in weeks prior to arrange, photograph, catalog and set up items. We find the appropriate venues for advertising and manage getting the ads sent out, signs created, and web listings published in order to maximize publicity. On auction day, we bring along our Office Trailer which houses all components necessary to register bidders and check them out with cash, check or credit card purchases.

Specialty Auctions: Throughout the year, we host specialty auctions. We are able to accept and store items for a specialty auction at virtually any time. It is at the discretion of the auctioneer what items are to be stored for a specialty sale.  Below is a list of our most common specialty auctions.

Featured ImageFirearms: Bontrager Real Estate and Auction service is a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer, qualified to sell your rifles, shotguns, handguns, blackpowder and collectible firearms to the public. We are able to take single guns or entire collections, either on consignment or by purchase outright. These auctions also include sportsman related equipment such as hunting apparel, fishing lures and gear, knives, ammunition, reloading equipment,  sporting memorabilia, artwork and collectibles, gun cabinets, military surplus and more.

Featured ImageAntiques: Bontrager’s Antique Auctions are scheduled approximately every 6-8 weeks, and include antique furniture, primitives, vintage decor, art, stoneware and pottery, books, photographs, bottles, antique glassware, local history items and much more! We accept single items or large consignments. It is at the discretion of the auctioneer what items will be saved for an antique auction.

Featured ImageCoins and Currency: Our weekly auction generally has a small selection of coins, but we also host Premier Coin Auctions periodically that consists of coins, proof and mint sets, currency, silver and gold, graded and certified coins, slabs and more. We advertise using major local venues, Auction Zip, targeted e-mail newsletters and paper newsletters at major coin shows. We reach several thousand collectors and have buyers from all over the country, both live and on the phone.

Featured ImageEquipment and Tool Consignment Auction: We generally host two major Equipment and Tool Auctions annually in Spring and Fall. These day-long auctions consist of consignments of farm equipment, cars and trucks, heavy equipment, farm implements, building supplies, windows and doors, specialty tools, nursery stock and hundreds of table lots of hand tools, power tools and small equipment.

unnamedNYS Liquidation Auctions: Bontrager Real Estate and Auction Service handles liquidation of County and State seizures including real estate, vehicles and more. We annually hold the Genesee County Tax Auction.

*Tom Roviso’s Catering has a fully operational kitchen for our weekly auctions, and a food truck ready to go for on-site auctions, ensuring that our customers are well-fed!


Below are some common questions we receive.

If you have others not answered here, give us a call at 585-343-4529 or email


So what can I expect if I call to schedule my items for auction?

If you are thinking of selling your items at auction, call our office at 585-343-4529 so we can set up an appointment to have your assets evaluated. It is most helpful if you can email pictures to us ahead of time. An auctioneer will come see your business, estate or items and will aid you in choosing your best option. If we can help, we will schedule a time for pick up or an auction date.

If you want to drop items off at the Auction Center, you can set up an appointment and our staff will evaluate the items when they arrive at our facility. We are unable to receive consignments on Wednesdays unless prior arrangements are made with the auctioneer.  If you are unsure if your items are salable, check out the list of items we don’t sell at the bottom of this page to see if it is worth making a delivery. It is most helpful if you can email pictures to us ahead of time. Or, ask the auctioneer or secretary while you are on the phone.

Will Bontrager’s buy my items or do they sell

on consignment?

Consignment: Consignment means we sell your items based on commission; you receive your check after your items are auctioned for the final final bid price minus our commission. The vast majority of our auction lots consist of consigned items. Our commission rates vary based on the auction and items consigned.

Selling Outright: In some situations, it may be most beneficial for you to sell your items outright.  In certain cases, Bontrager Real Estate and Auction Service is willing and able to purchase your items immediately.  The auctioneer will make an evaluation based on each situation.

What if I need an entire estate cleaned out?

Anyone who has done an estate clean-out can testify that it can be a time consuming and overwhelming process! Bontrager’s does many estate clean-outs through out the year, and our crew can sort through ALL items and will handle trucking the salable items to our auction center or donating/disposing of non-salables. We recommend giving Bontrager’s as much time as possible to schedule a clean-out. An auctioneer will come evaluate the estate and can give you an idea what to expect in terms of costs for disposal and time required, as well as what can be sold. We recommend dividing estate contents and heirlooms that will not be part of the auction prior to the auctioneer’s visit. In order to save you the cost of disposal fees of items that are not profitable to sell, we also donate items to local charities.

How soon can my items be sold?

We want to allow the most advertising time possible for merchandise, so we ask that you schedule a time to bring your items in by calling our office at 585-343-4529.  There are designated drop-off days at our auction center and we will work with you to schedule a time for you to bring your items in. Throughout the year we hold a weekly auction, with additional specialty auctions scheduled in advance.  We can find an upcoming auction that is right for your merchandise. Typically, depending on time of year, there is a wait period of approximately 6 weeks to get items into the Wednesday sale.

In cases where you are unable to bring the items yourself, we can pick up the items from you. Trucking plus hourly labor rates will apply.

How much will Bontrager’s charge?

For items that are sold on consignment, we charge a commission for our service.  Our commission is based on a sliding fee scale depending on how much the item sells for. Our auction staff can explain the commission rates based on the items you bring us. Lower value items are charged a higher commission.

Large consignments of high-quality items such as firearms, antiques or coins will be quoted an appropriate commission by our experienced auctioneers.

When and how will I get paid?

We assign your seller account a number that is marked on your lots. This number identifies your lot to our clerk and to the public, so selling is anonymous. It usually takes about 7-10 days after the auction for us to process and mail your check.  If you are selling items in several auctions, you can receive one check after all your items are sold. When we pick up items from you, your costs for trucking and man hours are deducted from the total of your consignment.

What kind of items CANNOT be sold?

Unfortunately, there are many everyday household items that simply do not sell or will sell for very little at public auction. In some situations, such as an Estate Clean-Out, Bontrager’s can take the items and will handle disposal or donation of the items.

Please download and read the list of items below:

Items that do not sell.