Absentee Bid Policy

Bontrager Real Estate & Auction Service

Absentee/Left Bid Policy

An absentee or left bid is a bid left with the auction company on a particular item when the bidder will not be present at the auction. We accept absentee bids until 1 hour prior to the start of the auction, unless otherwise stated. (Some auctions require that left bids are registered earlier. See individual auction listings for more details.) Absentee bidders are encouraged to register bids well ahead of auction time.

Arrangements to bid over the phone during the live auction (phone bids) will be accepted up to 1 hour prior to the auction (unless otherwise stated).  We have a limited capacity to accept phone bids, so they will be accommodated in the order received.

Absentee and phone bidders are required to provide the following information at the time of bid: Name, Address, Phone number, Driver’s License Number, Date of Birth, Credit Card Payment information.  Sales tax exemption paperwork must be provided at the time of payment.

Bids cannot be added, changed or retracted once the auction has begun.

Bontrager Real Estate & Auction Service and its staff will not be held responsible or liable for any errors in absentee/left bids or phone bids, nor for the possible failure to execute left bids for any reason.

Auction merchandise is sold as-is with no guarantees.  All sales are final, so it is the responsibility of the bidder to assure him or herself as to the condition of items prior to bidding. Condition reports given by the staff of Bontrager’s Auction Service are subjective, and while we always strive to be honest, we will not be held responsible or liable for any errors in description.

We will notify absentee bidders of won bids. Won bids must be paid for and picked up by the end of the auction week.  (Any other arrangements must be made with the auctioneer prior to the end of the auction.) Bontrager’s Auction Service is not liable for any damage to property left on the auction premises after the auction, whether or not payment has been made.  We reserve the right to impose a storage fee of $10 per month for property not picked up within stated deadlines.  Merchandise left 1 month after the auction is subject to sale with the proceeds covering storage and auction fees due to the auction company.  Buyer is responsible for shipping and handling charges.  The auction company will charge a minimum of $5 handling for small items and $10 for heavy or bulky items that can be mailed. The auction company will make arrangements to drop off fragile items at FedEx or UPS for packing and shipping arrangements to be made by the buyer.  The auction company will not be responsible for packing and shipping fragile items.  It is up to the buyer to arrange removal of very large items such as sheds or machinery.

Absentee bidders should be aware of the following:

-All left bids are confidential and executed competitively.

-The auction company is not liable for errors or failure to execute left bids.

-Bids are opened at a quarter of the stated maximum bid, unless someone on the floor opens the bid at a higher amount.

-An auction staff member will bid on your behalf until your maximum amount is reached and you either win the bid, or your maximum has been reached. If, after leaving a bid with us, you decide to attend the auction and bid on the same item, you may end up bidding against yourself. In that case it may be best to wait until your maximum has been reached by our staff, and then you may decide if you want continue bidding on your own. 

-Depending on the order of bidding and increments used in the live auction, it is possible for another bidder to win the bid at your maximum amount (or just below). The only way to avoid this is to be present at the auction. If you wish to allow the auction company to exceed your maximum by one increment if this arises, please indicate with a written + next to your bid.

-Left bids must be a minimum of $15

-By bidding you are agreeing to our policy. 

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